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Tournament Details


November 26, 2023

2:00 PM

December 2, 2023

12:00 PM and 2:30 PM

December 3, 2023

10:00 AM


Bowler's Country Club

55839 Pine Road

South Bend, IN 46619


Cost: $70


The final standings are available below.

Tournament Rules

  1. All entrants MUST be a member of the USBC and the St. Joe Valley Association. If you are not a member of the St. Joe Valley Association, a membership in the amount of $10.00 may be purchased at the time of bowling. This competition is open to both men and women.

  2. Walk-ins will be accepted up to the final shift of qualifying based on lave availability. Re-entries will be allowed.

  3. The top qualifiers will advance to the double elimination match on Sunday, December 3, 2023 at 10 am. You must be checked in by 9:15 am. Practice starts at 9:30 am. Alternates will be allowed to practice. Finals will begin at 10 am. The total number of top qualifiers will be determined by the number of entries.

  4. This is a scratch tournament with a four-game qualifier. Appropriate attire will be enforced. Regular or mock collared shirt and dress pants or shorts. NO HATS OR CARGO/ATHLETIC SHORTS ALLOWED!

  5. A modified house pattern will be used as the lane condition. Lanes will be conditioned for all squads during qualification. No practice will be allowed before, during or after qualifying or final rounds. Practice lanes will be available for participants waiting on byes.

  6. Bowlers will be seeded in the first round of match play according to their qualifying scores. Winners of the first round will advance in the winner’s bracket and the losers will be dropped into the loser’s bracket. When a bowler loses a second match they will be eliminated from the tournament. Alternates will be placed at the bottom of the qualifying rounds.

  7. All entrants must show their USBC card at check in for their qualifying round. Entrants MUST check in 30 minutes prior to their scheduled shift. If the squad is full and the entrant has not checked in 30 minutes prior to their shift, the tournament director reserves the right to fill the shift with another entrant. The bowler that failed to show will receive NO REFUND. However, the bowler may bowl another qualifying shift if there is availability.

  8. Youth may bowl in this tournament with an approved USBC signed waiver. All monies won by the youth bowler will be awarded in their USBC Smart Account.

  9. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will a bowler receive a refund after the qualifying squad has started. If the spot has not been filled, the bowler will have the option of starting competition and receive zero pins for each frame missed or can reschedule to a different shift if spots are open.

  10. Bowlers arriving late for the finals shift will have the following options: (Note: Tournament Director has final decision on the late bowlers and the alternates.

    • The late bowler will be able to begin the match in the frame his/her opponent is in and receive zero pins in each frame missed.

    • If the late bowler arrives after his/her opponent has completed the fifth (5th) frame, the late bowler will be placed in the losers bracket and it will be considered the first loss. This bowler will be eliminated with another defeat.

    • If a bowler arrives after his/her opponent has completed the fifth (5th) frame while bowling in the loser’s bracket, the late bowler will be considered as losing the match and will be eliminated from the tournament.

  11. This tournament is governed by the rules and regulations of the United States Bowling Congress. The tournament manager will have the last say on any and all disputes. All USBC protest procedures will apply.

  12. Rule 319c average rerate does not apply.

  13. The tie breaker will be the 9th & 10th frames roll off. (Highest seed to choose the lanes.)

  14. The prize fund will be determined by the number of entries. A maximum of $20 from each entry fee will go towards lineage and expenses. The remaining will go to the prize fund. First place payout will be $600.00 based on 40 or more entries with a max of 16 advancing to the finals.

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