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Tournament Details


April 7 2024

Check-in: 12:00 PM

Start: 1:00 PM


Parkway Lanes

1504 Chestnut Street

Mishawaka, IN 46545


$40 per Team

($20 per Bowler)

Division A: 320 Combined Average & Up

Division B: 319 Combined Average & Up

2 Youth Bowlers Per Team

Each team will bowl 6 games moving 1 lane right after each game.

Team with highest total pins wins.

Tournament Results

Tournament Rules

  1. 1. This is a scratch tournament and is open to all sanctioned youth bowlers of the SJV USBC for the current season. This also includes all members of the Michiana West High School Bowling Conference.

  2. There shall be two divisions. Division A—320 combined average and up. Division B—319 combined average and below.

  3. All bowlers will use their highest 22/23 season youth league/high school average. Bowlers who do not have a 22/23 season youth league/high school average, may use their current highest youth league/high school average. A current youth league/high school standing sheet must accompany all entries. Note: Because High School bowls on a challenge pattern, high school averages will be converted to a standard average. The highest between youth league average and converted high school average will be used.

  4. Any Bowlers caught using any tobacco, vaping or alcohol will be disqualified with NO refund of their entry fee. In addition, any use of Cell Phones, IPads, or other Electronics shall not be permitted during competition.

  5. All PRE-PAID entries must be to SJV USBC (54704 Maple Lane, South Bend, IN 46615) NO later than MARCH 30, 2024. Please keep in mind if entry is being mailed. No entries will be accepted without entry fee. Please make checks payable to: SJV USBC. Walk-Ins will be permitted IF there are spots available and must be paid in CASH.

  6. Breakdown of fees are as follows: Lineage—$18 per team, Association Fundraiser $5 per team Prize fund—$17 per team. All Scholarships will be administered by the USBC SMART Program. All Top Qualifiers shall receive scholarships (NO money will be paid out).

  7. Format:

    • Six (6) no tap baker games (Bowler One bowls frames 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9 and Bowler Two bowls frames

      2, 4, 6, 8, & 10). If a bowler bowls a 9 count on first ball that will count as an automatic strike.

    • Bowlers must switch positions at the beginning of each game.

    • If bowler bowls out of turn, a zero will be marked for that frame.

    • Each team will move one lane to the right after each game.

    • Team with Highest Total Pin count for all 6 games wins. In the event of a tie, team with the highest game

      bowled for day will win.

  8. Rules not covered above shall be governed by the USBC.

  9. Tournament Director will have the final say on all disputes and interpretations of these and USBC tournament rules.


Please note:
We love our youth bowlers!!!
As hard as we try to make this a flawless tournament, things happen and adjustment have to be made.
If there is an issue, please address the issue with the tournament director immediately.
If you have any suggestions to improve this tournament, please let us know.
Constructive Criticism is always welcome.

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